Holidays in Belarus


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People decorate a fir tree with lights balls different toys. As soon as the clock starts striking midnight people think of a wish. People light sparklers and eat sing. Young people go from home to home disguised as Goats Bears Horses they sing carols and are treated to delicious things.



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Holidays in Belarus

  1.  The roots of Belarusian customs and traditions come from ancient times. Some traditional rites, music and art elements are widely used in cultural life at present. There are two kinds of holidays in Belarus – national holidays and religious holidays. National holidays are both – a public celebration and a personal event in the family.

One of such holidays is The New Year. One of the main traditions is to decorate a fir tree. It’s an evergreen plant the symbol of life. They are put up everywhere in shops and schools banks, in side and outside houses. People decorate a fir tree with lights, balls, different toys. Most families see The New Year in at home. A lot of delicious food is cooked for the Night meal. Goose stuffed with apples is a traditional New Year’s Dish. As soon as the clock starts striking midnight people think of a wish. It’s a tradition. Then they wish each other good luck, health. People light sparklers and eat, sing. Then some go out to see fireworks, the holiday is full of fun.

Christmas is a very important holiday. It’s associated with the wonderful birth of Jesus Christ. As for orthodox Christians they celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January. On Christmas Eve traditional food is cooked. It should include fish, mushrooms, pancakes and a Belarusian pudding made of barley. Christmas week is great fun.  It’s called “Kalaydy”. Young people go from home to home disguised as Goats, Bears, Horses, they sing carols and are treated to delicious things.

One of the most enjoyable and mysterious holidays is “Kupalle”. There are a lot of legend and customs connected with this magic holiday. It’s a tradition to light bonfires, dance and sing songs around them. It’s also a tradition to jump over the fire, bathe in the river. Girls gather flowers and weave coronets and then they throw them into the river. One of the most exciting moments of the event is the search for a magic fern flaver in the forest. They say it blossoms only once a year and he’ll be happy who finds it.

Victory day is one of the most important. This day marks the Victory over the German fascism in the Great Patriotic War. On that day we congratulate War veterans, put flowers at the foot of the monuments.

On the third of July people in Belarus celebrate Independence Day. Cities and towns are decorated with flags and garlands. The parade is held every year crowds line the streets as soldiers march past in time with the music from the band. Tanks rool by causing the ground to shake, children wave flags and the people cheer. It’s a moving occasion and everyone feels very proud.

  1.  My favourite holiday is Easter. It is a religious holiday, It’s marked in spring affer lent and doesn’t have a fixed date. People celebrate a wonderful resurrection of Jesus. It’s a tradition to bake kulichi and dye and paint eggs. They go to church to hollow them. At Easter people greet each other with the words “Christ is risen” and the expected answer is “ He is risen indeed”. We enjoy a family meal, greet each other with the words and have a nice time.
  3.  What good manners would you recommend any tourist to follow in a foreign country?
    I think it doesn’t m
    atter what country you are going to visit – you should follow some rules. One should bear in mind that you can’t reasonably expect the manners of the people among whom one is staying, and it’s not only nationality which makes the gentleman, but his actions as well. Remember you are in a strange country, so you must expect to see strange things. Be especially careful not to say or do anything that will touch the pride of the people or show disrespect to their religions.
  4.  Do you think it’s easy to organize a good party? What mistakes do people sometimes make?
    I’m sure it’s not easy to organize a part. That’s why, I think, some mistakes can be made. To avoid them, you should choose the most convenient time for all the guests, you should invite each of our guests personally. Think of the decorations if necessary, and the amount of food and drinks. All the entertainments (games), music should be prepared beforehand. Introduce new people to each other properly.


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