Our Motherland – Belarus


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What can you tell me about our MotherlandBelarus is situated in the eastern part of Europe. Belarus borders on Russia Ukraine Poland Lithuania.The climate of Belarus is continental with a comparatively mild winter and summer. Administratively Belarus is divided into 6 provinces: Brest Grodno Mogilev Vitebsk and Minsk.



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  1.  Let’s talk about our country. What can you tell me about our Motherland?

    Belarus is situated in the eastern part of Europe. Its territory is 207.600 square kilometers. Belarus borders on Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania. Our native land is remarkably beautiful with its blue lakes and ribbons of rivers. Forests stretch for many kilometers. The pride of the republic are its wildlife reserves and national parks. The longest rivers are the Dnieper, the Dvina, the Sozh. The biggest lake is Lake Naroch.
    The climate of Belarus is continental with a comparatively mild winter and summer.
    Administratively Belarus is divided into 6 provinces: Brest, Grodno, Mogilev, Vitebsk and Minsk. The capital of the country is Minsk. There are 2 state languages – Belorussian and Russian. Orthodox religion dominates but there are other ones – Protestants, Muslims, Jews.
    Belarus is a presidential republic. The President of the Republic is Head of the State. Parliament is a representative and legislative institution of the country. The central body of state management is the Government – Council of Ministers with the Prime Minister at head.
    Belarus is situated at the crossroads and there wasn’t a single war in Europe that passed by. The Second World War brought great destructions. But our people restored and rebuilt our Motherland.
    Nowadays Belarus is a country of developed industry, education and culture. Its enterprises produce tractors and lorries, fridges and TV sets, bicycles and dump tracks. It exports potassium, tractors, and products of light industry. Agriculture is specialized in milk and meat production. The main crops are: flax, potatoes, rye, wheat. Belorussian people value peace and want to live in good neighbor relations with all the nations. I pay tribute to our ancestors and believe the country with such a rich heritage and kind, tolerant people will have happy future.
  2.  Do you know any symbols of our country?

    Of course. One of the symbols is the Belarusian national flag. The flag has 2 stripes on it – red and green. The red colour has always meant love and bravery. The green means endless fields and forests. A vertical ornamental pattern decorates the flag in the left-hand side. It’s red in combination with white colour. White colour is associated with fair hair, white skin and clothes of the natives.
    There’s also the coat of arms and the national anthem.
    Belarus has also some natural symbols. The corn flower is one of them. One of the most well-known festivals “Slavyanskiy Bazar” in Vitebsk. The other symbol of Belarus which all the Belarusians know and love is the stock. There are a lot of poetic words written about the bird. You can see their nests everywhere. The Belarusians say those are happy who have the stocks’ nests on or near their house.
    Belarus is my Motherland and I’m proud to be its citizen.
  3.  Questions:
    1) I wonder where your country is located;
    2) It’s interesting to know what languages are spoken on the territory of Belarus;
    3) I want to know what places you’d advise me to visit.
  4.  What Belarusian festivals would you advise a foreigner to visit?

    To tell the truth, there are a lot of festivals which take place in Belarus: “Friendship Wreath”, “Dazhynki”,
    “Listopad”. All of them are devoted to different events in cultural life of our country: films and gathering the harvest, friendship and fashion. One of the most prestigious festivals is “Slavyanskiy Bazar” in Vitebsk. Started in 1992, it has become one of the most popular. It’s an open mass event which helps to promote and revive culture culture and arts. This festival gives its audience a treat of theatricals, interesting films and exhibitions. The programme also includes an International Contest of song performers and International Children’s Music Competition. The goal of the festival is to support young talents and introduce innovations in culture and art.
  5.  What sights of the country are worth visiting?

    Belarusian cultural heritage is great. There are a lot of places to see and visit. For example Zaslavl. It’s situated 30 km from Minsk. The town was founded by Vladimir the Great. The most well-known architectural monuments of Zaslavl are: the Saviour Church, built in 1577, and the Roman Catholic Church in Market Square. The Museum and Exhibition Centre was opened at the Zaslavl National State Historical Reserve after its reconstruction in 1992.

    Loshitsa estate and park is a monument of the second half of the 19
    th century. The estate is currently under reconstruction. In spite of all destructions Loshitsa has preserved its mysterious atmosphere which was always attractive to people of art: poets, artists and musicians.

    Minsk is the capital of Belarus. There are a lot of places to see and to visit as well: Troitskoye Predmest’ye, Victory Circus, the City Hall, the Holy Spirit Orthodox Cathedral, Virgin Mary Catholic church and others. These are only some places. I’d like to welcome tourists to Belarus and enjoy visiting its sights and the hospitality of our people.aa


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