Living in the country and living in the city. Types of houses


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On many occasions when somebody asks me about the house of my dream I say that first of all its in the centre of a big city on the very top of the building. Thanks to that it has the most beautiful view of the city. Where would you like to live: in a city or in the country Why entertainment.



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Living in the country and living in the city. Types of houses

  1.  Let’s talk about different types of houses. Tell me about the house (flat) of your dream.
    On many occasions when somebody asks me about the house of my dream I say that first of all it’s in the centre of a big city, on the very top of the building. Thanks to that it has the most beautiful view of the city. It will be placed on the whole floor. So there are a lot of modern gadgets, a lot of space and what’s very important, it has its own elevator. The walls are covered with beige wallpapers and pictures, a beautiful red sofa is put facing the window. The kitchen is really spacious. It has high bar chairs as well as a beautiful eating table made of glass. The living-room is of a modern design. The wall to the outside is totally made of glass which gives it a special look. There’s a huge plasma TV and in the corner of the room you can find speakers as a part of Home Cinema system. In the centre of the room there’s a sofa, a beautiful fire-place is out in the room to make it look and feel warm. The bedroom is made in a white-red combination. The walls and the floor are white as well as some decorations which gives the room that special touch. There are  also doors that lead to the dressing-room with a place for shoes, a big mirror with lights (and a table for make-up). And finally, there’s a bathroom. It’s made in gold-white combination and it looks quite antique. That’s pretty much about my dream flat. I just hope I will get to have it one day.

  1.  Where would you like to live: in a city or in the country? Why?
    As for me, I’d like to live in a city because it provides a great variety of facilities for shopping and recreation, medical service and entertainment. In whole services are always better: better schools, more amenities (swimming pools, cinemas, theatres). Life is never dull there. As a rule a big city is an international mix and it’s interesting to get acquainted with other cultures. Ethnic festivals, market centres and other exciting events are much a part of a big city. Besides, a big city is a place of strong attraction for tourists.

  1.  Ask me if I find my town a comfortable place for living.
    1) I wonder whether there are a lot of sights in your town;
    2) It’s interesting to know what amenities there are in your place;
    3) I want to know if you are satisfied with services there.

  1.  Your friend wants to decorate his/her room. Give him/her advice on how to furnish it.
    It’s difficult to give advice but I’d try to do my best. To tell the truth, to decorate a room isn’t easy. Everything depends on the person’s taste and abilities or opportunities (here I mean money). I’d advise my friend to buy a sofa, not a bed. It’s more convenient as you can use it  as a bed at night and as a place to sit even if some people come around to your place. We can’t imagine our life without TV nowadays, so an average plasma TV is necessary. It’s better to put it in front of the sofa. A small carpet on the floor will make the room look cosier. A tea-table is quite necessary to put a laptop, to have a snack or a cup of tea or coffee with friends. Some curtains on the window will decorate the room as well. The colour to choose depends on the colour of the wallpapers and your tastes. That, I think, will be enough for the beginning.

  1.  What types of houses do the British and Belarusians live in? (распечатка)

I. Let’s talk about different types of houses. Tell me about the place you live in.

II. What types of houses do people live in?
Home has been very important to people ever since they started to live in caves. To give the definition of a house we can say that it’s a dwelling, it provides shelter and acts as a point for day-to-day living. But generally speaking a house starts to be home when it’s warmed by people who live in it.

Each type of houses has its advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, people can live in a block of flats, a cottage, a semi-detached house or a mansion, in a castle or a detached house, a villa or an igloo. A flat is economical, easy to clean, it has various facilities. Flats are usually located in a town or a city. They are comfortable but lack space, they have many neighbours, no individuality, noise – these are the disadvantages. Detached houses are not crowded, there may be a garden, a garage. It’s comfortable to live in such a house, but it’s quite expensive – not everybody can afford the upkeep of such a house. As for semi-detached houses, they are easier to maintain, there can be a garden and a garage nearby, but in a semi-detached house you can have lack of privacy, and the rooms are not always spacious. Castles and mansions are available for the rich only.

III. Ask me how my flat looks like

  1.  I wonder what type of a house you live in;
  2.  I want to know if there are any amenities nearby;
  3.  It’s interesting to know how many rooms there are.

IV.  They say that living in the country is better than living in the city. What do you think about this?

As for me, I’d prefer a city <…> though we can say that living in a city has some disadvantages: crowds of people, the high cost of living, lack of security and privacy. There are bus queues and traffic jams, an expensive “privelege” house of your own is impossible because of high rents. People who live in a city lose touch with land and rhythms of nature.

At the same time, the village has changed recently. The houses there can have all the modern conveniences. People are friendlier there; the feeling of community is stronger. It’s in the countryside where you can feel close to nature. Away from the urban problems of the city lies the rural peace and quiet of the countryside. The air is more likely to be clear and unpolluted; the pace of life is slower. Some land is cultivated and you’ll see crops growing, as well as animals grazing on the farms. But there can be problems how to get to town (transport problems), lack of services and amenities. At the same time many people living in cities and towns nowadays have the opportunity to live in the country. They either have property there, called “dachas” or rent houses for holidays.

To sum up, I must admit “There’s no place like home”. It doesn’t matter where to live, the main thing is to preserve this place well, clean.


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