Fashion and Clothes


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Lets talk about Clothes and Fashion. So each year clothes designers decide what clothes will make millions of men and women more attractive. Do young people follow fashionOf course young people are eager to keep up with the latest fashion and hate the thought of putting on clothes that are out of fashion.



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Fashion and Clothes

I. Let’s talk about Clothes and Fashion. What is your idea of beauty and fashion? Who creates it?
I think the idea of beauty varies a lot from person to person, even more from society to society. The search for beauty is not a modern phenomenon. Since ancient times men and women have tried to make themselves attractive.
The idea of beauty also differs. For example, in some parts of Africa long necks are a sign of beauty. So girls have to wear metal rings around their necks.
We also must admit that men are just as sensitive to the applause as women are. Changing fashions is an essential part of people’s idea of beauty. Add the feeling that the latest and best dress can improve the owner’s position in society and business. So each year clothes designers decide what clothes will make millions of men and women more attractive. They decide whether skirts will be short or long, jackets tight or loose, use zips instead of buttons, high-heeled or flat shoes and so on.
As for Belarusian designers, they present their collections at the annual Belarus Fashion Week. A fashion study centre is arranged. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for everyone interested in fashion to exchange views and enrich the experience.

II. Do young people follow fashion?
Of course, young people are eager to keep up with the latest fashion and hate the thought of putting on clothes that are out of fashion. Fashion has become the dictatorship and teenagers are the most willing victims of all. Go to the disco or any club and you’ll see what is in fashion. Nobody wants to look ridiculous by wearing something which is out of fashion. But in my opinion it’s always important to remember the rules of politeness, that there are different styles of clothes for different events.

III. What questions would you ask a pattern designer?
1. It’s interesting to know what fashion house you work for.
2. I wonder if you design fashion in a team.
3. I’d like to know what is in fashion today.

IV. What would you advise your friend who wants to buy some clothes to look smart?
You should buy clothes that will complement your skin. Buy clothes that suit your body type.
As for girls, take care of your shoes. Mind the heel, high or low heels complete your look.
Match your hose with your shoes or with your trousers or skirt.
Pay attention to the make-up. Don’t rush, think everything over, plan everything carefully. If you are not sure ask a shop-assistant for advice.

V. A famous person once said, “Style is knowing who you are and what you want to say”. What do you think about it?
You see without realizing it clothes we choose to wear tell other people a lot about us. We often judge people by clothes they are wearing. For example, people dressed in expensive clothes are thought to be wealthy. Our shoes, accessories and jewelry all tend to create an impression of our social class. Similarly our choice of clothes also depends on our age and who we are influenced by.
On the other hand we do not always have the chance to choose our clothes. If we work as a nurse, police-officer or a fire-fighter, we have to wear a standard uniform.
Lately our ideas of beauty are revealed by our style of dress. So dressing in a particular outfit might be a way of saying “This is what I think is nice”.
Clothes reveal a lot about a person’s life, character, status. As for me, I prefer either romantic or sports style, it depends on my mood and the place I’m going to. But in fact I wear casual clothes.


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