Sport. What is its role in people’s life?


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Lets talk about sport. What is its role in peoples life Nowadays people all over the world are fond of sports games as sport helps them to stay in good shape keeps them fit healthy makes more organized better disciplined. Sport is also a means of relaxation entertainment a way of spending time building up health.



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I. Let’s talk about sport. What is its role in people’s life?
            Nowadays people all over the world are fond of sports & games, as sport helps them to stay in good shape, keeps them fit, healthy & makes more organized & better disciplined. Sport is also a means of relaxation & entertainment, a way of spending time & building up health. For some it is a professional occupation & a road to records titles, fame & self-expression. For others it is just a business that brings profits’. Physical fitness can help you to live longer, feel healthier & cope with life’s problems. Various activities can help you keep fit from running marathons to climbing mountains. Going in for sport you attend fitness centers, swimming-pools, meet new people, socialize, make new friends.

ll. What sport activities do teens enjoy?

In Belarus sport is paid much attention to. So teens have a great variety of opportunities to be engaged in sport. They have PE lessons at school where they have a warm up, do a lot of sports exercises & play different games. Sports activities are arranged after classes. Teens attend various sports clubs, fitness centers, go to swimming-pools. Teens are involved in sport activities in summer going to different camps where sport is paid much attention to.

lll. What questions can you ask a professional sportsman?

  1.  I wonder what encouraged you to become a professional sportsman?
  2.  It’s interesting to know if you are satisfied with your career.
  3.  I’d like to know  what results you have achieved.

                            (if  you have achieved any results.)

lV. What activities can you advice a person to start going in for sport?

As I see it there's evidence that even moderate physical activity can protect against some ' illnesses such as heart diseases, strokes, as well as improve general wellbeing and the quality of life Almost everyone can benefit from being a little more active. Just make small changes like using the stairs Instead of the lift, or walk, or cycle, try to avoid using a car. Physical fitness can help you live longer, cope with life problems. For a non-sporting person with no time to spare physical activities seem time-consuming and the best way out isn't to start with running maraphones, but to do morning exercises, to stick up to this routine, as the feeling of being healthy and fit is worth doing it.

V. Do you agree that smoking is a bad habit.

It’s a pity, but not all people realize the importance of healthy way of life. They have some dad habits. Some teens smoke, as they are sure it is shick, it’s modern or because their friends do it. I think that smoking is an unhealthy habit. Teens should know that smoking kills 3 million people every year. Their clothes, hair have a terrible smell, teeth turn yellow, they have bad breath, their hair & skin will soon become dry. What is worse smoking causes heart attacks & some other terrible diseases, including lung cancer. Nicotine is as addictive as heroin. If you start smoking it’s difficult to give up. Teens must think before lighting up a cigarette.


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