MRK-27 mobile robotic system


Информатика, кибернетика и программирование

The MRK-27 systems incorporates a mobile robot equipped with a manipulator and a remote control station. The system has the following features: relatively small dimensions and weight. ensure high system mobility at the expense of delivery to the worksite by a van.



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MRK-27 mobile robotic system

The MRK-27 system is designed to replace humans during operations in emergency environments. The MRK-27 systems incorporates a mobile robot, equipped with a manipulator, and a remote control station. The system has the following features: relatively small dimensions and weight... ensure high system mobility at the expense of delivery to the worksite by a van. Tracked chassis... ensures high crosscountry ability and operational maneuverability, including the stair climbing. The cable/radio control... enables to select the communication mode for the mobile robot control station depending of operating conditions. Proportional chassis and manipulator control... provides the required precision of operations. Optional installation of up to 8 illuminated colour TV cameras... enables to receive the comprehensive working environment data in any lighting conditions. High manipulator lift capacity... enables to handle items with the weight up to 40 kg within the coverage area. Washable chassis construction... enables the opportunity of degassing and decontamination after the operations in contaminated environments. The MRK-27VU system is designed for OED/IEDD, HazMat response missions: visual surveillance in zones of potential hazard, searching for, evacuation or disruption of explosive devices: ancillary tools include water disrupters, a set of disposable sponge disks, a remote view TV camera, a hitch-mounted carrier, an explosion-proof container.

The MRK-27H system is designed for operations in chemical contamination environments; it can survey hazardous areas end take rapid air samples, convey and place chemically hazardous materials into special containers, take samples of liquids and soil. To be able to perform these operations the robot is equipped with an IMS device,liquid and soil sampling devices.

The MRK-27MA system is designed for operations in high-radiation areas and ensures visual area survey conveyance and placement of radioactive materials into a special container The MRK-27 system and its modifications have completed state testing (including an explosion proof ness test) and are applied by engineering squads of the Atomic Energy Ministry, the Emergencies Ministry and the FSB. The prototype of the MRK-27 system was used in the eliminating the aftermaths of the Sarov disasier and in Chechnya. MRK-27 technical specifications

  •  Weight 170-200 kg
  •  Height* Width* Length 0.65*0.71*1.15 m.
  •  Travel velocity 0-0.65 m/s.
  •  Maximal slope 35 degrees.
  •  Continuous runtime 3 hours.
  •  Power supply: 2 batteries.
  •  Control: cable/radio.
  •  Oper ating range: 200 m via cable, 550 m via radio.
  •  Video system: three colour fixed focus TV cameras

Manipulator: 5 degrees of freedom lift capacity 40 kg. Remote control station Weight 65 kg. Two 10" colour displays


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