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The key difference is that while the technology from the film is not real the working prototype and software developed by the Russian company Desplair is. Called DisplAir the technology combines an infrared camera a projector and cold fog to project 3D images and capture the users hand movements as they manipulate them.



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Ever since Microsoft Kinect debuted last year, controller-free gesture interfaces have gone mainstream. As popular as it is, the tech could stand some improvement: it would be more precise if users were able to manipulate 3D images in midair, a la Tom Cruise’s elaborate setup in Minority Report, instead of eyeballing things on a screen. The key difference is that while the technology from the film is not real, the working prototype and software developed by the Russian company Desplair is.

Called DisplAir, the technology combines an infrared camera, a projector, and cold fog to project 3D images and capture the user’s hand movements as they manipulate them. A user can "press" items to select them, swipe things to the side, and even use two hands and fingers to make objects larger or smaller, the 3D equivalent of multi-touch.

Created in 2010, DisplAir offers a true breakthrough in image display and natural interface technology. The DisplAir device projects images onto an "air screen" that can be seen, heard, smelled and touched. Images can be easily configured through touching the images, allowing objects to be moved or played with, and even enabling drawing and virtual modeling.

This being a prototype, the technology is far from polished. There is a 0.2-second lag before your motion has an effect — slightly more than the 0.1-second delay of the Kinect, noted in many reviews. The fog also creates a "fringing" effect on the periphery of the projection.

Nonetheless, it is an impressive achievement, especially considering the technology was developed in a dormitory in Russia. The entire system was developed by a college student Maxim Kamanin. DisplAir is made to detect small finger movements as opposed to sweeping gestures in a game system; it can scan for 1,500 points of contact with accuracy up to 1 centimeter, depending on the size of the "screen," which can range from 40 to 140 inches.

By providing users with a truly magical experience, DisplAir sets for itself the goal of enhancing brand communications, cultural creation, event experience, interior and exterior design, gaming experience as well as a range of educational and medical activities.

A totally safe technology, DisplAir is energy efficient and causes no harm to the environment.

The company is currently looking for investors, so commercial products are a long way off. Still, DisplAir believes their technology could be used to produce 40 to 140-inch screens on a commercial level with prices ranging from $4,000 to $30,000. They initially see the technology being used for entertainment and advertising.



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