Health Service in Ukraine


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The aim of health care institutions is to provide adequate care to the Ukrainian people that is to prevent diseases, to strengthen health of people and to increase their longevity. All public health service is carried out according to a plan and is directed by the Ministry of Public Health.



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Health Service in Ukraine

The aim of health care institutions is to provide adequate care to the Ukrainian people that is to prevent diseases, to strengthen health of people and to increase their longevity. All public health service is carried out according to a plan and is directed by the Ministry of Public Health. In the various localities there are Departments of health services supervised by the local authorities. The network of medical institutions comprises a lot of hospitals, polyclinics, research institutions, maternity homes, women's consulting centers, first aid stations and their number is constantly increasing.

The Public Health Service in Ukraine embraces the entire population and is partially financed by the State budget. Much is being done to improve medical service. The medical services are steadily expanding and constitute a major item in the state budget. Majority of medical centers in Ukraine provide service free of charge. But there are some private hospitals where patients pay their fees. Our country takes care of mother's and children's health. Therefore there are many research institutes of pediatrics, obstetrics, gynaecology and mother children care centers. Mothers are given maternity leaves and paid leaves until the baby is 3 years. But the bonus is still very little. Mother's job is reserved during the definite period of time before and after the delivery.

There are rest homes and sanatoria for mothers and children. At present many of them are presented to mothers and children suffered from the Chernobyl tragedy. Many children have their treatment and rest in other foreign countries.

The main emphasis in Ukraine is laid on prevention or prophylaxis. There is a saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Every year periodical medical check-ups are carried out to nip a disease in the bud. Most of such periodic examinations are done by special commissions and diagnostic laboratories. First of all they examine preschool children, pupils and pregnant women. Every year a lot of children are vaccinated against poliomyelitis, whooping cough and diphtheria. Due to these measures such diseases as cholera , plague, smallpox and many others have been eradicated. But there are still some problems to be solved. The most important problems which face the medical science at present are cardio-vascular diseases, cancer, AIDS and consequences of Chernobyl accident. These diseases take a heavy toll of human lives each year.

A great number of research institutions and specialized clinics are located in Ukraine. Some of Ukrainian medical institutions are famous throughout the world. Among them the Institute of Eye diseases named after V.P. Filatov in Odessa, which is one of the largest clinics in Ukraine. The outstanding clinician and scientist of Ukraine M.D. Strazhesko was the initiator in establishing Kyiv Institute of Clinical Medicine. One cannot but mention the greatest scientist and academician O.O. Bogomolets in honour of whom the National Medical University was named. Many medical research institutions are located in Kyiv, such as Gerontology, Endocrinology, Disorders, Metabolic Functions, Thorax Surgery, Mother and Child Protection Center and others.

Much attention is paid to the development of dentistry. There are о lot of dental departments in hospitals and polyclinics. Dentists provide up-to-date treatment using modern techniques and materials. All kinds of dentistry are available for population from children to

adults. Prevention is the primary focus of dentistry in our country. Due to such preventive measures as fluoridation of water, periodical children check-ups the rate of dental caries among the population has been reduced. But periodontal diseases, gum diseases, malocclusion are frequently faced out by dentists. One of the main problems is pain and anxiety control especially in pediatric dentistry. Unfortunately fear and cost are still main problems in assessment to of the treatment. International cooperation in medicine is particularly necessary as far as many health problems cannot be solved by our country alone. ,'

The forms of cooperation include direct contacts between research institutions, medical organizations, personaf contacts of physicians and joint projects. Such international cooperation is beneficial for our country and contribute much to the further development and improvement of our Public Health Service.


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