Such reaction is natural as without these people the concert would not pass smoothly and the star - conductor or the pianist would be lost in the world of music. Music is such a field of activity in which the number of people of the most different trades is involved hugely. The composer the conductor the musician of an orchestra...



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On concert representations people hospitably welcome workers of a stage. Such reaction is natural, as without these people the concert would not pass smoothly and the star - conductor or the pianist, would be lost in the world of music. Music is such a field of activity in which the number of people of the most different trades is involved hugely. The composer, the conductor, the musician of an orchestra, the publisher, the agent, the manager of a concert hall, all of them together represent the balanced structure which doesn't function properly in case any component is absent or invalid. As a clever man said, music can transform primitive existence into life.

In each performance the musical form is individual, however there are its rather steady types of various scale - the period, simple and complex forms, variations, a rondo etc. The least semantic and structural unit of the musical form is motive, two and more motives form a phrase, of phrases there is an offer; two offers frequently form the period.

Themes of musical performance are frequently stated in the period.

The main forming principles of musical compositions are - a statement of a thematic material (exposition), its exact or varied repetition, development, comparison with new themes etc. These principles frequently cooperate.

Nowadays there exist lots of musical currents and directions which are represented by different groups and solo singers. Let's mention some of the most famous ones.

Pop music - area of musical art having commercial character with mass media and poetic language, entertainment, supposing ease of recognition. It has arisen in 19 century as reaction to the complicated forms of "serious" music. Intensive development has received from the beginning of 20 centuries. It is distinguished by traditional "old" popular music and the "new" pop.

Blues - a genre of the Afro-American musical folklore and a jazz carrying melancholy and despondency. It formed in the beginning of 20 century. The blues tradition is submitted practically in all basic jazz styles. The blues reflects deeply personal experiences sated with dramatic nature and an internal conflictness, contains also elements of humor, irony, social satire.

Specificity of a blues is shown, besides in a special structure of a poetic stanza (строфа) and an originality of the musical form, in use of the certain circle of expressive means, in a manner of performance.

It got popularity in 1914 thanks to U.K.Hendi's creative activity as "the father of a blues". The orchestral blues for the first time has been written down on a phonograph record in 1921. And the most outstanding singers and groups in this genre are The Rolling Stones, Cream, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Canned Heat.

In the middle of 80 in Chicago there appeared a new kind of dancing music - house music. Now it seems usual and habitual, however then it was really extraordinary. This music was created for dances and played by new electro-musical instruments.

The Chicago DJs for the first time tried to mix singles of group Kraftwerk with sound devices giving cardinally new sounds. House music has roots coming of disco. In a word - music for happiness. The structure of a classical house is rather simple and the tempo isn't so fast. House tracks, as a rule, are filled with bright and beautiful passages, major chords and simple, but remembered melodies.

Rock-n-Roll - the earliest form of modern pop. It appeared in the middle of 1950 in the musical attitude representing the simplified variant of a rhythm-and-blues with elements of country music. For rock-and-roll as a whole the structural basis, sounding of several electro guitars, a piano, saxophone, brief melodic phrases, elementary enough text, a strongly pronounced dancing basis is characteristic. Executors of rock-and-roll were white musicians (Elvis Presley, Bill Hejli, Whether Jerry Lewis), as well as black ones (Chuck Berry). As the pair dance which received wide popularity in 1950s it differs with extreme expressionism, choreographic supports and deliberate negligence in relation to partner.


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