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Коммуникация, связь, радиоэлектроника и цифровые приборы

To be exactly there are curves showing car theft rate in 4 countries: Great Britain Sweden France and Canada. We can notice the enormous theft rate in Great Britain during this period. Let’s consider the country with the lowest theft rate at the beginning of our period.



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Graph description

Comparison of car theft

This graph shows us the rate of car theft in different countries between different periods of time. To be exactly, there are curves showing car theft rate in 4 countries: Great Britain, Sweden, France and Canada. Also, the horizontal axe displays the periods of time from 1980 to 1988 appropriating to the amount of stolen cars in each country.

We can notice the enormous theft rate in Great Britain during this period. This situation is relatively better in other three countries. But each of these countries has an individual changes. Let’s consider the country with the lowest theft rate at the beginning of our period. So, in 1980, the number of stolen cars in France was at the “bottom”. The top place in our graph belongs to Great Britain. Its theft rate is 18 thefts per 1000 vehicles. There’re some similarities in these two curves: they are look like a “wave”. Both of them increase steadily, then decrease to the same level, and this action had repeated again, and again. But the average theft rate in France, between 1980 and 1988, had been insignificantly raised. So, what about Sweden and Canada? There, in Canada, from 1980 to 1983, was a gradually fall. And, relatively, remains steady till 1988. May be, you think that the worst situation in Great Britain. This car theft level in Great Britain was the greatest, and this curve reached a pick of the graph, but, despite this we can say that the worst situation in Sweden. This country has the lowest level of car theft in the start. But, to the end of our period it had been extremely grown up. It wasn’t a visible augment between 1982 and 1984, but between 1985 and 1986 it was. So, Sweden has the highest and fast growth of car theft.

Finally, I’m going to say that the car theft is a huge problem in every country. It was many years ago, and it is now exist too. One of the solution – is to identify and sync each car with its owner, and give to owner the ability of giving rights to use his car to other people. Hope, in future we will have the same cars and technology.


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