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For example more than 80 per cent of all businesses in the USA are sole proprietorships. But it is evident that sole proprietorships do not do the greatest volume of business. They account for only 16 per cent of all business receipts for example in America.



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Lesson 1


A business may be privately owned in three different forms. These forms are the sole proprietorship, the partnership and the corporation. The sole proprietorship is the most common in many western countries. For example, more than 80 per cent of all businesses in the USA are sole proprietorships.

But it is evident that sole proprietorships do not do the greatest volume of business. They account for only 16 per cent of all business receipts, for example in America. What kind of business is likely to be a sole proprietorship? First of all, service industries such as laundromats, beauty shops, different repair shops, restaurants.

Active Vocabulary



to own


sole proprietorship

частная собственность






объём, количество


денежные поступления

service industry

сфера обслуживания

to account for

объяснять, отчитываться

repair shop


Comprehension Questions

  1.  What are 3 different ways that a business can be privately owned?
  2.  What forms do most European countries have?
  3.  What forms do the businesses in Ukraine have?
  4.  Name some businesses that are likely to be sole proprietorships. Why do you think so?
  5.  Name some businesses that are not likely to be sole proprietorships. Why do you think so?

Vocabulary Practice

Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence.

  1.  Small … are often service industries.
  1.  receipts
  1.  The … industries don't produce material goods.
  1.  businesses
  1.  More that 80 per cent of all business ... are not from sole proprietorship.
  1.  service
  1.  Less that 20 per cent of European businesses are partnerships or … .
  1.  privately
  1.  Sole proprietorships … only a small part of all business receipts.
  1.  account for
  1.  Is this bank owned publicly or …?
  1.  corporations
  1.  There are three different … of business ownership.
  1.  forms



Hi, Alice. How are you getting on?


Fine, as usual, thanks, Jim. What about you?


I'm OK. It's nice to see you.


You too. I'm glad you're not in a hurry and we have time to talk today.




Can you give me a piece of advice?


Well, I'll try, if I can.


You know, I've been always good at cooking. It interests me. I am thinking of starting my own business – café.


It might be a good idea.


I guess I must learn about the responsibilities of going into business.


Are you going into business by yourself?


Exactly. I'd like to have a café with my name on it where I make the decisions and where I control the profits.


You seem to be resolute so I'll try to help you. If you go into business alone, it is called sole proprietorship. In such a case you needn't consult a lawyer to form a business. You can start or you can stop your business whenever you like.


It sounds encouraging. What else can you tell me?


There is no need to consult partners or a board of directors. So you can put your policies into effect quickly. You decide on your vacation, hours, salary, hiring and firing.


Well, that's not bad.


Wait a moment. I believe I have to tell you about the risk involved.


What do you mean?


First of all, the most important risk is that you have unlimited liability. It means that you are responsible for all your business debts.


So if the business fails, I have to declare personal bankruptcy, don't I?


That's what I mean. You can lose your personal assets.


Well, it's rather disappointing. What other things should I know?


You won't get tax benefits which the partnerships or corporations can get.


I know about it. By the way, do you know a good accountant to do my taxes?


Of course. You also have to hire a good bookkeeper if you can't do your books yourself.


I can't say anything definite about that. I have to think it over. What else, Jim?


Well, I'm a bit hungry. Why don't we have a snack together and discuss the things in the café.


You right as usual. Let's go.

Active Vocabulary

piece of advice


Can you give me a piece of advice?

Не мог ли бы Вы дать мне совет?

I'm thinking of starting my own business.

Я думаю о том, чтобы начать своё дело



to make decisions

принимать решения

to control the profits

контролировать прибыль

sole proprietorship

частная собственность

to need a lawyer

нуждаться в юристе

It sounds encouraging.

Это звучит вдохновляюще.

to consult partners

консультироваться с партнёрами

a board of directors

совет директоров

to put policies into effect quickly

быстро достичь хороших результатов

to hire


to fire


to decide on vacation, hours, salary, hiring and firing

решать вопросы, связанные с отпуском, продолжительностью рабочего дня, зарплатой, наймом, увольнением

to have unlimited liability

иметь неограниченную юридическую ответственность

to be responsible for all business debts

нести ответственность за все производственные долги

to fail

терпеть неудачу

to declare personal bankruptcy

объявить личное банкротство

personal assets

частная личная собственность

tax benefits

льготы по налогообложению





to do books

вести бухгалтерский учёт

Vocabulary Exercises

Exercise 1. Transform the sentences according to the model.

Model: I am thinking of starting my own business. – open a café

I am thinking of opening a café.

  1.  to start a car-repair shop
  2.  to hire a bookkeeper
  3.  to fire an employee
  4.  to consult a board of directors
  5.  to sell my own business
  6.  to do books myself
  7.  to consult a lawyer
  8.  to find a specialist

Exercise 2.Transform the sentences according to the model.

Model: A bookkeeper will do the books.

I am going to have a bookkeeper to do the books.

  1.  A partner will finance the business.
  2.  A salesperson will sell the clothes.
  3.  A decorator will design the interior.
  4.  A lawyer will do this work.
  5.  A secretary will mail the letters.
  6.  A colleague will give me a piece of advice.
  7.  A bookkeeper will prepare the tax report.

Exercise 3. Answer the questions.

  1.  Are you thinking of starting your own business?
  2.  What business do you want to start?
  3.  How do we call the business if you go into it alone?
  4.  Who is going to make the decisions and control the profits in your business?
  5.  Do you need a lawyer if you want to start a sole proprietorship?
  6.  Why don't you have to consult the partners in a sole proprietorship?
  7.  How many employees are you going to hire for your business? In what cases will you fire them?
  8.  What does it mean "to have unlimited liability"?
  9.  What will you do if your business fails?
  10.  What will you do to put policies into effect quickly?
  11.  What businesses have tax benefits in Ukraine?
  12.  Can you do books yourself?
  13.  Are you going to hire a bookkeeper?

Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1. Make the sentences negative.

  1.  I want to start my own business.
  2.  You need a lawyer in this case.
  3.  A sole proprietorship brings much profit.
  4.  Sole proprietorship gets tax benefits from the government.

Exercise 2. Put up 4 questions of different type.

The partners are responsible for all business debts.

  1.  Are the partners responsible for all business debts?
    1.  Why are the partners responsible for all business debts?
    2.  The partners are responsible for all business debts, aren't they?
    3.  Are partners responsible for the business debts or fulfillment of the arrangement?
  2.  I want to go into business with a friend of mine.
  3.  You can lose personal assets.
  4.  It's difficult to get tax benefits from the state.
  5.  I do books myself.
  6.  We both have unlimited liability.
  7.  The board of directors decides on vacation, salary, hiring and firing.
  8.  The partners want to consult a board of directors.

Translate into English

  1.  Мне нужен совет.
  2.  Я сам контролирую прибыль моего предприятия.
  3.  Если вы хотите заняться частным предпринимательством, обратитесь к юристу.
  4.  Директор решает вопросы, связанные с наймом и увольнением.
  5.  Я не боюсь нести полную юридическую ответственность.
  6.  Я отвечаю за производственные долги.
  7.  Малые предприятия имеют льготы по налогообложению.
  8.  Хороший бухгалтер сможет вести дела лучше, чем вы.
  9.  Мне нужно нанять бухгалтера.
  10.  Мне нужно проконсультироваться с юристом.


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