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Second, the superheroes are very good and important example for us, but remember about you own superpower, that comes from within. The diplomacy and the balance of power in everyday life are very important and required, but sometime we just need to dig in our heels.



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Power in Us

How the image of superhero can help to improve our within power, and to create our better self-image? Everyone has different concept of own self-image and of the way to ameliorate it. Below, I would like to prove the following three points: the importance of having an image of a superhero, the necessity to develop the within power, and my own idea of myself.

First, I would like to define a superhero. Every superhero has extraordinary powers and abilities, like possibility to fly, or to leap over the tall building. Also, they fight evil, help weaker people, and pursue justice. They possess a noble character, and they are very impressive for us. They help us to believe in ourselves, and to achieve our goals.

Second, the superheroes are very good and important example for us, but remember about you own superpower, that comes from within. The diplomacy and the balance of power in everyday life are very important and required, but sometime we just need to dig in our heels. Find something that will make our day interesting, and will make us wake up curious and exited to start every new day, we need just to fight our normal routine. A solid plan is another very important point for creating better personality. It’s necessary to arrive to the deepest destination. Everyone has to realize that everyone of us is unique personality, and everybody has a different way and methods to get the intimate hopes. This way is not always easy, sometime we have to be ready to embrace risk. Niccolo Machiavelli said: “Never was anything great achieved without danger.” In fact, we have to believe in our possibilities and power, to respect our choices with confidence. It is pleasant to receive wanted resultants in all possible ways, but we have to remain polite and tidy person. Denial is an aspect of weak people’s lives.

Finally, I would like to describe myself with positive and negative characters. Looking in my life, I can say that I’m respectful, neat, and pardoning person. I understand that people around me have their own thoughts and wants, and I respect that. I know that I have to be more confident, and do not think too much about opinions of others. I wish I were more courage and open-minded because these characteristics can help me to arrive to my own could-castle.

In sum, I think nobody is perfect. It’s always possibility to improve like a persona, juts trust in your power, it’s the most important thing. We should to know who we are, and who we want to become. Don’t define yourself by opinions of other people. I hope I’ll use all these rules to get me life better.


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